Boost Your Mac Productivity: My Favourite Apps of 2023

Welcome, fellow productivity enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to share my favourite Mac apps that have skyrocketed my productivity levels in 2023.

I cover everything from the task-mastering Todoist, the lightning-fast Spark Email, and the ever-efficient Alfred to the reliable storage provider Google Drive.

I also can’t forget 1Password, my ultimate personal data vault, Divvy for its unrivalled window management, and the web-app wizard, Flotato. These tools have transformed my work routine, optimising every tick of the clock for maximum efficiency. So, please sit back, grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into the world of Mac productivity apps!

Refine Your App Stack for Peak Productivity

A well-curated, refined app stack is critical to productivity in today’s fast-paced digital world. While an overwhelming number of options seemingly surrounds us, testing, refining, and selecting the apps that truly enhance our efficiency and don’t merely add to digital clutter is critical.

Not all apps will make the cut, and that’s okay! An app may be perfect for someone else’s workflow but may not fit into yours – and that’s where the concept of refinement comes in.

Regularly testing and refining your app stack helps you adapt to changing personal and professional needs, ensuring you’re always at your most productive and efficient when it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

An Insider’s Look at My Favourite Mac Apps


Let me introduce you to Todoist, the task management app that has expanded my brain. This nifty tool lets you declutter your mind by neatly organising tasks, reminders, and even random thoughts that might pop up during the day.

Todoist is brilliant because of its simplicity yet powerful features. You can create projects, set priorities, delegate tasks, and track progress all in one spot. Its clean interface and seamless integration across devices have been game-changing for me.

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Spark Mail

Spark Mail is my go-to email client. Whether I’m managing multiple team accounts or a single personal account, this app never disappoints. It has powerful features that help me stay productive and manage my inbox efficiently!

The Smart Inbox feature groups emails based on type so I can get to what matters quickly – no more sifting through emails and wasting precious time. It also features a snooze function, which lets me temporarily hide emails until I’m ready to deal with them later.

Two standout Spark Email features for me arere the Gatekeeper and the Set Aside functions.

The Gatekeeper feature is an absolute lifesaver! It prevents newsletters and promotional emails from mixing up with your essential correspondences. This feature filters your incoming emails, allowing only those from known contacts to land directly in your inbox. Everything else waits in a separate folder for your review, ensuring your focus remains undivided on essential tasks.

The Set Aside feature, on the other hand, lets you put non-urgent emails on hold. This feature is incredibly beneficial when you’re swamped with work and must concentrate on the task. With a simple swipe, you can put any email aside and revisit it when you have more time. This lets you manage your inbox on your terms, reducing email-induced stress and helping you maintain peak productivity levels.

These two features have revolutionised my email management, granting me greater control over my inbox and, by extension, my time.


Enter Alfred, a productivity powerhouse and an absolute must-have for any Mac user. This fantastic tool goes beyond a simple application launcher and turns your Mac into a high-speed productivity machine. It’s packed with features to automate and speed up tasks, making it easier to manage your workflow and focus on what matters.

One of my favourite features in Alfred is its ‘Workflows’. Workflows allow you to connect keywords, hotkeys, and actions to create custom, automated tasks. Whether launching a group of apps with a single command, controlling your music, or searching for files more quickly, workflows reduce the effort required to perform everyday tasks.

Plus, let’s not forget about the ‘Snippets’ feature. Snippets are short pieces of text that you can insert into your work at the press of a few keys. They’re perfect for frequently used phrases, links, or code snippets. I love using this feature for my common email responses, saving me a ton of typing time daily.

With its Workflows and Snippets, Alfred has become a critical part of my productivity stack.

Google Drive

Next on my list is the good old Google Drive, the cloud storage solution that keeps all your ducks (files) in a row. Google Drive has become an irreplaceable tool in my digital arsenal, ensuring that my documents, images, presentations – you name it, are accessible whenever and wherever I need them.

Whether on my Mac, iPad or even a foreign computer, I can easily tap into my Drive and pull up any file within seconds. Knowing I’m not chained to a specific device to access my essential documents is liberating.

Moreover, Google Drive’s collaborative features have transformed how I work on shared projects. Multiple people can work on a single file simultaneously, making real-time collaboration a breeze. Say goodbye to endless email threads and hello to streamlined, efficient teamwork!

But it’s not just about functionality; Google Drive also provides peace of mind with its robust security features and automatic backups. Even if my Mac meets with an unfortunate accident, my essential files remain safe on Google Drive, ready to be accessed on another device.

In short, Google Drive seamlessly integrates into my workflow, and it’s safe to say it has made my digital life much more organised and stress-free.


My all-time favourite password manager must be 1Password, and I’ve tried all the popular ones. This app ensures I maintain secure passwords for all my online accounts and never forget them again. It safely stores various items, such as usernames and credit card details, in one place, so I don’t have to worry about remembering them or writing them down anywhere insecurely.

1Password also comes with an ‘Emergency Kit’. I can share This physical backup of my data with selected people if something happens to me and they need to access my accounts. With this feature, I have the assurance that no one will ever be locked out of any of my important online accounts.

1Password has made life so much easier for me. I no longer have to remember a million passwords, nor do I run the risk of using weak or duplicate ones. I can focus on what’s important and trust that 1Password will keep my accounts safe.


Divvy is my secret weapon for organising and managing on-screen applications. This app lets me easily arrange multiple windows into various sizes to multitask like a pro. With Divvy, I no longer spend precious time fiddling around with windows or trying to remember their last positions.

The best part about Divvy is its keyboard shortcuts. I can quickly switch between tasks by setting up custom shortcuts for each window layout without manually arranging windows. Moving from one application to the next makes it much simpler and faster.

Divvy also has a ‘Quick Resize’ feature that allows me to resize any window with a single keystroke or mouse click. It’s a handy tool for quickly switching between window sizes and positions.

Divvy is a powerful utility that helps me stay on top of my workflow, so I can focus on the task at hand without being slowed down by window clutter.


TextExpander app saves me a ton of time by letting me type faster with fewer keystrokes. How it works is simple: I create custom abbreviations for any commonly used text passages. Whenever I type these abbreviations, TextExpander automatically expands them into complete phrases or blocks of text in seconds!

I can even use TextExpander to store custom contact information like emails, phone numbers, or physical addresses. Keeping this information within the app has made filling out forms and sending emails much faster.

TextExpander also helps me avoid spelling errors by automatically replacing phrases with their correctly spelt versions. This ensures that all my communications are clear and error-free.

TextExpander is an essential tool that allows me to type quickly and accurately without ever having to think about it.


Flotato, an excellent app that’s taken my productivity to new heights, deserves special mention. With Flotato, you can turn any web page into a Mac app with just a few clicks. This means no more tab juggling with your browser; instead, you have a separate, dedicated application for each of your most-visited sites.

For me, Flotato has been an absolute game-changer. I’ve used it to create individual apps for my social media platforms, project management tools, and even my favourite news outlets. These dedicated apps streamline my workflow, making it easier to switch between tasks without getting lost among countless browser tabs.

These Flotato apps are also incredibly lightweight, taking up minimal system resources. So, even with several apps running simultaneously, my Mac’s performance remains unaffected.

In a nutshell, Flotato is an ingenious tool that offers a more tailored and efficient web browsing experience. It’s become integral to my productivity toolbox, helping me manage my digital workspace more quickly and precisely.


Grammarly is another indispensable tool that has significantly improved my writing experience. It’s an excellent writing assistant that helps catch and rectify any errors before they reach the reader’s eyes. Its grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks are comprehensive, ensuring my writing is always polished and professional.

One of the things I love about Grammarly is its ability to offer context-specific corrections and suggestions. It doesn’t just identify errors—it also provides insightful explanations about why something might be a mistake and suggests alternatives. This has been tremendously helpful in improving my writing skills over time.

Grammarly’s integration with Mac is seamless. It works across all my writing platforms, whether drafting an email, working on a blog post, or crafting a social media update. It’s like having a personal editor on standby, ready to polish my words whenever needed.

But it’s not only about eliminating errors. Grammarly also has a ‘Tone Detector’ feature that provides real-time feedback on the tone of your writing. It ensures I’m striking the right tone in my writing, whether friendly, confident, formal, or anything else.

In essence, Grammarly is an invaluable aid that boosts my confidence as a writer, knowing that my work will be virtually error-free and communicate exactly what I intend.


Each has been instrumental in streamlining my workflow, enhancing my productivity, and making my digital life more manageable. Whether it’s keeping my online accounts secure, managing screen space, typing faster, turning web pages into dedicated apps, or elevating my writing, these tools have revolutionised how I work on my Mac. If you want to boost your productivity, I can’t recommend these apps enough. Here’s to a more productive and efficient digital life!

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