Juggling Act: A CTO’s Tale of Balancing Work, Education, and Family Life


Welcome to my world, a whirlwind of responsibilities and tasks that sometimes seem overwhelming. As a full-time CTO, a family man, and a master’s student, my plate is always overflowing with tasks.

Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This post is a window into my chaotic yet rewarding lifestyle, full of challenges and triumphs.

Join me as I navigate this balancing act, providing insights and sharing experiences that hopefully inspire and enlighten you.

Role as a CTO

As the CTO of an ever-growing company, my role is a fascinating mix of strategic thinking, problem-solving, hands-on software engineering, and leadership.

The role is multi-faceted; it’s not just about knowing the latest technology trends but understanding how they can be applied to drive our company’s mission and vision forward and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Every day is a new challenge. From ensuring our tech stack remains robust and scalable to fostering innovation within the team, the expectation is high.

When I see a product we’ve built from scratch fulfilling its purpose or when I witness my team overcoming a particularly tricky problem, it brings an indescribable sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Overall, my role as a CTO is a constant learning journey. It’s about staying ahead of the curve, anticipating the future, and, most importantly, bringing out the best in our technology and people.

It’s demanding and exhilarating, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree

Alongside my demanding role as a CTO, I’ve embarked on another intellectual journey of pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

Some may call this decision audacious or even crazy, given the time constraints and my already jam-packed schedule, but I see it as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

The curriculum provides me with a structured environment to explore AI and Machine Learning concepts, analyze current trends in-depth, and challenge my existing understanding.

It’s like adding more tools to my toolkit, enabling me to perform my job as a CTO with a fresh perspective and improved efficacy.

Balancing work assignments with academic deadlines is no walk in the park.

I have found myself planning and prioritising tasks no end, sometimes studying late at night, or during weekends.

Despite the intensity, the satisfaction of gaining new knowledge and the ability to apply this immediately to my job is immensely rewarding.

It’s like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; both roles feed into each other, creating a synergistic effect that fuels my motivation to keep going.

In essence, pursuing a Master’s degree while working full-time is a test of patience, perseverance, and time management.

It’s a laborious yet gratifying journey, shaping me into a better leader, a better learner, and a better problem solver.

It’s a challenge I willingly accept every day!

Maintaining a Healthy Family Life

And then, there’s my family life – the beating heart that gives purpose and meaning to all my efforts.

My family is my sanctuary, a source of joy, comfort and love that fuels my motivation and drives me to be the best version of myself.

I’m not going to lie, I find it hard to switch off from work or study mode, but those precious moments of quality time with my loved ones are priceless.

My role as a father and a partner is just as important and rewarding as my professional role.

Despite the high-paced lifestyle, I always do my best to ensure my family feels valued, loved and a top priority.

It’s really about finding that elusive balance, juggling responsibilities, and understanding that a well-rounded life involves a mix of work, education, and family.

The Art of Juggling

Juggling these numerous roles may seem daunting, but I’ve found a rhythm that works for me.

It’s important to acknowledge that these various facets – work, study, and family – are all integral parts of the mosaic of my life.

The secret to juggling these roles successfully lies in maintaining a disciplined routine, effective time management, and setting clear boundaries.

I’ve honed the art of prioritising tasks based on urgency and importance.

I utilise various project management and time-tracking tools to keep track of my tasks, and deadlines, and to help me allocate time efficiently.

While my calendar may be packed, I always ensure there are pockets of rest to prevent burnout.

One crucial aspect of juggling multiple roles is setting clear boundaries and knowing when to switch off.

When I am at work, I am fully present.

When I am studying, I am in a zone of learning and exploration. And when I am with my family, I am entirely there, soaking in the laughter, love, and warmth.

Having a supportive network is also key in this juggling act.

My family’s understanding, my team’s cooperation, and my university’s flexibility play pivotal roles in my journey.

They are the safety net in my high-wire act of juggling, providing me with support and strength.


In conclusion, the art of juggling a demanding job, master’s degree, and family life is not about perfection, but balance.

It’s about embracing the chaos, learning from the challenges, and celebrating the triumphs.

While this juggling act is not devoid of stress and exhaustion, it brings an unmatched sense of fulfilment and growth that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So here’s to all the jugglers out there, may we keep the balls in the air and continue to reach for the stars!

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