My Lean Six Sigma Journey and commitment to Lifelong Learning


As a big believer in continuous professional development, I recently accomplished another milestone on my lifelong learning journey: achieving my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Lean Six Sigma, a globally recognised certification, has captured my interest with its potential applications in the tech sector – where I have honed my career as a CTO, tech strategist, and software engineer. This methodology, designed to enhance business efficiency and quality, can be implemented across industries, adding substantial value to the businesses I work in.

Furthermore, I was particularly interested in this area of expertise when studying for my BSc in business management and leadership.

The Need for Lean Six Sigma in Tech

In my years of working in the tech industry, I’ve observed that inefficiencies and waste are not uncommon in tech processes. From intricate software development cycles to hardware design, the room for improvement is vast.

This is where Lean Six Sigma principles come into play. They provide a unique perspective on reducing waste and streamlining operations, which are key to ensuring efficiency in tech-related processes.

My Journey to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

During my studies at the University of Leeds, my first introduction to Lean Six Sigma principles was pivotal. The concept intrigued me instantly, dovetailing neatly with my long-held obsession with productivity.

As a student engrossed in business management and leadership whilst working full-time, I was always on the hunt for methodologies and strategies to enhance efficiency and productivity.

When I encountered the Lean Six Sigma approach in one of my modules, it resonated perfectly with my philosophy.

I was fascinated by the meticulousness of the process, the precision in identifying and eliminating waste, and the relentless focus on improving quality. This methodology offers a structured, data-driven means to my end goal: maximising productivity while maintaining uncompromised quality.

The Intersection of Lean Six Sigma and Technology

On the surface, Lean Six Sigma and technology may seem like separate worlds. But when you dive deeper, you realise how harmoniously they intersect.

Applying Lean Six Sigma principles to software development, for example, can enhance efficiency by reducing code redundancies and debugging time. Similarly, in tech strategy, Lean Six Sigma can facilitate the identification and elimination of ineffective strategies, thereby optimising business performance.

To illustrate the connection between Lean Six Sigma and technology, imagine an orchestra.

Each musician represents a different element of a technological process, from initial design to final deployment. When all musicians play in tune and rhythm, the outcome is a harmonious symphony that delights the audience – the end users.

However, if just one musician plays a note incorrectly or loses rhythm, it can cause discord, affecting the overall performance.

In tech terms, this could mean a bug in the software or a flaw in the strategic implementation.

The Lean Six Sigma methodology acts as the vigilant conductor. It identifies and eliminates the discordant elements, ensuring every part of the process is performing optimally, rendering the most harmonious and efficient ‘symphony’.

To embrace Lean Six Sigma principles is not just about achieving operational efficiency; it’s about orchestrating a better performance, a more delightful experience for the end users.

As a tech professional, I recognise the immense value this approach can bring to my sector and I am committed to playing this harmonious ‘symphony’ to the highest standard.

As I continue my professional journey, I look forward to further honing my Lean Six Sigma skills and applying them strategically to drive efficiency and quality in the tech space.

Lifelong Learning: A Key to Success in Tech

My decision to learn Lean Six Sigma is tied directly to my commitment to lifelong learning.

The tech industry is a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape.

To stay relevant and competitive, continuous learning is not just recommended – it’s necessary.

This certification is not the end but rather a stepping stone in my learning journey. Looking ahead, my journey with Lean Six Sigma doesn’t stop at the Black Belt.

I’m already excited about going the extra mile and aiming for the Master Black Belt certification next.

As technology continues to advance, so too must our methodologies for managing and improving processes.

The Master Black Belt course,  and the knowledge I will gain from it, will help me stay ahead of the curve and lead my team to success. It’s a challenge I am enthusiastic about tackling as part of my ongoing commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.


In conclusion, attaining a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification has not only added another feather to my professional hat but has also opened up a new realm of possibilities for me to explore in the tech industry.

The principles of Lean Six Sigma are, in my experience, a perfect match for the tech world.

It offers a methodical approach to identifying and reducing waste, which in turn enhances efficiency, quality, and overall performance.

As a CTO, tech strategist and software engineer, I am excited about the significant value this knowledge brings to my profession. As I continue my journey in the tech industry, Lean Six Sigma will play a pivotal role in shaping my strategies and guiding my decisions.

I remain committed to my path of lifelong learning and look forward to continuing my journey with Lean Six Sigma, with the Master Black Belt certification as my next milestone.

It is a journey that promises to be both challenging and rewarding, and I am eager to see where it will lead me as I continue to strive for excellence in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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